Tuesday, 2 February 2016

New Music: Candice Nelson - Bitter (Moments Album Stream) (Prod by Danja)

Here is Candice Nelson, who many would know previously from the songwriting group called The Clutch, which featured other songwriters including Ezekiel "Zeke" Lewis, Patrick Michael "J. Que" Smith, Balewa Muhammad and Keri Lynn Hilson. Today Candice released her debut album called Moments. On this album features a Danja produced track called Bitter. Check out the new track below and don't forget to purchase Moments on iTunes or stream it below on Spotify.
Candice Nelson - Bitter [Prod by Danja, Marcella Araica]

Stream the album Moments below

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Chris Brown - Discover (Prod by Danja)

Another Chris Brown album, another Danja production. It's tradition. As promised by Danja on his Instagram, the album Royalty includes "Discover," a song about heartbreak that infuses Danja's new sound with a youth choral synth and a heavy bassline. Put the headphones on:

Chris Brown - Discover
[C. Brown, M. Araica, N. Hills]

Monica - Deep (Prod by Danja & Polow Da Don)

Some folks on the Internet have heralded Monica's Code Red album, which dropped yesterday on the 18th, as the second coming of the Timbaland/Danja/Polow Da Don relationship. Not since Pussycat Dolls' Doll Domination and Keri Hilson's In A Perfect World have these super-producers come together with the help of stars like Missy Elliott, Akon, and Lil Wayne to help bring an album to the masses.

As guaranteed in a recent Instagram post, Danja's contribution to this project comes in a song called "Deep," which infuses 808s from the recent Premonitions project with trademark synths and drum programming. Have a listen:

Monica - Deep
[M. Brown, M. Araica, J. Donald, N. Hills, J. Jones]

Monday, 2 November 2015

New Music: Caligula - That Feeling [DJ] (Prod by Danja) [Free Stylz 3]

NARS recording artist Caligula is back with a new mixtape called Free Stylz 3 if you haven't checked it out, listen to the stream below. We have previously heard of R2R aka Road 2 Riches that was released a few months ago. However another Danja track makes the cut called That Feeling. Check out the track below and ENJOY!!!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

New Single/Video Preview: Dj Khaled - I Swear I Never Tell Another Soul (featuring Future, Yo Gotti and Trick Daddy) [Prod by Danja, Dj Khaled]

With the release of Dj Khaled's new album I Changed Alot, comes another banger courtesy of the NARS Team called I Swear I Never Tell Another Soul with production from Danja. The track features vocals from Future, Yo Gotti and Trick Daddy. A video has also been shot for the single which can be previewed below as well.

Purchase I Changed Alot on Itunes here:


Shout out Ali for notifying us with the release.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Danja - Premonitions Instrumental EP/Album OUT NOW!

Premonitions instrumental album by Danja has finally been released through Soundcloud and available for download as well. Check out the newest offerings from Mr Nathaniel Hills aka Danja!

Quoted from Danja's soundcloud page
Danja is undoubtedly one of the most exciting producers to emerge in the last decade. With his chart topping hits and downright love for music, Danja releases his first instrumental EP entitled “Premonitions”. Premonitions is more than just an album of instrumentals, it’s an experience translated through Danja's genius, creativity and vision. Danja and his team had an amazing journey putting together this project and we hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Danja previews Darth Danja off Premonitions album + IG Snippets

If you have been following Danja's Instagram profile these past few weeks you would have noticed alot of pictures and little snippets about Premonitions. According to Danja, Premonitions is in it's mixing stage and will be out by the end of September on his Soundcloud page. What is Premonitions you ask, well this will be a seven instrumental track album featuring the recently previewed 'Darth Danja'. Check out the Periscope link below and make sure to download the Periscope app to keep up to date whenever Danja goes live again. ENJOY!!!

Watch the web preview of Darth Danja on PERISCOPE here! (Deleted)

Edit: 12/09/15
View Part 2 here which includes Darth Danja and Fear? and Spaz Preview

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Heres a few Instagram snippets of other instrumentals on the album.

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on