Saturday, 26 September 2015

Danja - Premonitions Instrumental EP/Album OUT NOW!

Premonitions instrumental album by Danja has finally been released through Soundcloud and available for download as well. Check out the newest offerings from Mr Nathaniel Hills aka Danja!

Quoted from Danja's soundcloud page
Danja is undoubtedly one of the most exciting producers to emerge in the last decade. With his chart topping hits and downright love for music, Danja releases his first instrumental EP entitled “Premonitions”. Premonitions is more than just an album of instrumentals, it’s an experience translated through Danja's genius, creativity and vision. Danja and his team had an amazing journey putting together this project and we hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Danja previews Darth Danja off Premonitions album + IG Snippets

If you have been following Danja's Instagram profile these past few weeks you would have noticed alot of pictures and little snippets about Premonitions. According to Danja, Premonitions is in it's mixing stage and will be out by the end of September on his Soundcloud page. What is Premonitions you ask, well this will be a seven instrumental track album featuring the recently previewed 'Darth Danja'. Check out the Periscope link below and make sure to download the Periscope app to keep up to date whenever Danja goes live again. ENJOY!!!

Watch the web preview of Darth Danja on PERISCOPE here! (Deleted)

Edit: 12/09/15
View Part 2 here which includes Darth Danja and Fear? and Spaz Preview

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Heres a few Instagram snippets of other instrumentals on the album.

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

A video posted by DANJA (@theonlydanja) on

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Kenna - Sleep When We Die (Prod by Danja)

Time flies in music-land. It seems like yesterday that we broke news of a forthcoming collaboration between Danja and fellow Virginia artist Kenna. Well, after a few hiccups in the space-time continuum, we finally get to hear the result of the unbelievable 2013 Kenna-Danja galactic collision.

Today, Kenna's newest track, "Sleep When We Die," debuted on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 program around 1pm Eastern Standard Time. Here it is in its entirety:

Some longtime Danja fans may be taken aback by the production, which initially reflects a more traditional alternative style reminiscent of his work with Duran Duran ("Box Full O' Honey," anyone?), Cody Simpson ("Crazy But True"), and Jennifer Lopez ("Starting Over").

Over the past few weeks, Kenna has been leading up to the release of his Land 2 Air Chronicles III with annotated editions of past recordings and impassioned posts on his Facebook page. In one, he mentioned Danja:

L2A Defined (4of6) The Imitation Is Suicide Chapters were a homage to my influences. David Byrne, Rick James, Bowie,...
Posted by Kenna on Friday, 10 July 2015

Sure, it's not the track we heard on Instagram, but that only means that there is more in store from Danja and Kenna. Hopefully much more, since Kenna insisted today that his next release will not be another EP.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Meek Mill's New Song Inspired by 'Scarface' Intro?

It's no secret that crime movies like Scarface remain favorites among rappers to this day. Many emcees, including the new crop's favorite OGs, have likened themselves to Tony Montana. So, it makes sense that the Scarface intro song, composed by Giorgio Moroder, might one day be looked to as a source of instrumental inspiration.

The grave aura of the Scarface intro music feels familiar to that of Danja's production in "Stand Up," and is in keeping with the '80s influence in his music. I'm sure we all remember the time Danja recreated Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" from the ground up for Kevin Cossom, and the time he sampled the "Knight Rider Theme Song" for Ciara's "Echo."

However, given the climate in music after the "Blurred Lines" verdict, I'll avoid throwing around any terms that could directly link these two compositions. No snitching. But, it's definitely worth pointing out, especially since Danja's acknowledged the parallels himself.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Meek Mill - Stand Up (Prod by Danja)

With the release of Dreams Worth More Than Money which dropped earlier today, here is the stream of the Danja produced track called Stand Up. Also check out the recent single called All Eyes On You featuring Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj from the album as well, which features songwriting and co-production from N.A.R.S. artist Kevin Cossom. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear  

Meek Mill - Stand Up 
[M. Araica, N. Hills, R. Williams]

Bonus: Meek Mill - All Eyes On You (Ft. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj)
[A. Davidson, A. Delicata, A. Henderson, B. McCane, C. Brown, C. Wallace, D. Morris, K. Cossom, O. Maraj, R. Williams, S. Combs, S. Davidson, S. Howse, S. Jordan]

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Jason Derulo - X2CU

New day, new music, this time from American singer, songwriter and dancer, Jason Derulo who links up with Danja and Marcella on X2CU. This cut is taken from Derulo's latest offering by the name of Everything is 4 available on Itunes now.

Don't forget to purchase the album here. 


Jason Derulo - X2CU/Angel Wings (Hidden Track)
[Jason Desrouleaux, N. Hills, Marcella, Sean Douglas, BJ Mekk, James Roston, Sonny Alves]

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New Music: Rico Love - Trifling/Ride [Full Credits/Spotify Stream]

Last week we received Days Go By from Rico Love's debut album TTLO (Turn The Lights Off). Well today with the release of his album, we received two more Rico Love and Danja productions called Trifling and Ride.

My favourite from the two would have to be Ride, nice Turn Up track! 

Preview these tracks below and enjoy!!

Don't forget to purchase the album here. 

Rico Love - Trifling [Rico Love, Floyd Nathaniel Hills, Marcella Araica, Thurston McCrea]
(Prod by Danja and Rico Love)

Rico Love - Ride [Rico Love, Floyd Nathaniel Hills, Marcella Araica, Thurston McCrea]
(Prod by Danja)


Rico Love - Days Go By [Rico Love, Floyd Nathaniel Hills, Marcella Araica, Thurston McCrea]
(Prod by Danja and Rico Love)